In 2006 I started my Cheviot flock. I have always admired the Cheviot breed for their physical beauty in the field, and flashy show ring presence. By 2008 I had converted my Suffolk and club lamb flock into a Cheviot flock. I started out with a ewe lamb from Chuck and Denise Orr of Misty Acres, and a bred yearling ewe from Tom and Pat Derk.

Over the past few years I have incorporated more genetics from Misty Acres, Judy Moore, Sue Traglia, and John Eaton. 

In 2007 I served as the National Cheviot Queen. I served for two years as the President of the National Junior Cheviot Association and now help to advise it. I currently am a Board of Director for the American Cheviot Sheep Society.


Ashley Stevens   ~   Frederick, MD
Phone: 301.712.5199   ~   Email: ashleyjanelle@comcast.net
2008 3rd Place Futurity Spring Lamb
Moore 740  - "Dot"
DOB: February 17, 2008
Dam: Moore 639 

Sire: Moore 699 "Cooter"

Traglia TS 2748 - "Desire"
Dam: Traglia TS 2523 

Sire: Moore 510 "Mighty Mouse"

Stevens 65 - "Kissy"
DOB: March 4, 2010
Dam: Traglia TS 2748 "Desire" 

Sire: Misty Acres 1036 "Stetson" 

Updated: April 26, 2013
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 Thank you to Swamp Oak Farm for purchasing Stevens 1201 "Junior". 
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FOUR Shows . . . FOUR Supreme Champions
Eaton TJA 11011 - "Buddy"

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Howard County Fair
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Bryan Mason

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What a !GREAT! 2012
Maryland State Fair
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The Great Frederick Fair
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