In 2006 I started my Cheviot flock. I have always admired the Cheviot breed for their physical beauty in the field, and flashy show ring presence. By 2008 I had converted my Suffolk and club lamb flock into a Cheviot flock. I started out with a ewe lamb from Chuck and Denise Orr of Misty Acres, and a bred yearling ewe from Tom and Pat Derk.

Over the past few years I have incorporated more genetics from Misty Acres, Judy Moore, Sue Traglia, and John Eaton. 

In 2007 I served as the National Cheviot Queen. I served for two years as the President of the National Junior Cheviot Association and now help to advise it. I currently am a Board of Director for the American Cheviot Sheep Society.


Jerry Travis and Ashley Stevens-Travis   ~  Hagerstown, MD
Phone: 301.712.5199   ~   Email: ashleyjanelle@comcast.net
2008 3rd Place Futurity Spring Lamb
Moore 740  - "Dot"
DOB: February 17, 2008
Dam: Moore 639 

Sire: Moore 699 "Cooter"

Traglia TS 2748 - "Desire"
Dam: Traglia TS 2523 

Sire: Moore 510 "Mighty Mouse"

Stevens 65 - "Kissy"
DOB: March 4, 2010
Dam: Traglia TS 2748 "Desire" 

Sire: Misty Acres 1036 "Stetson" 

Updated: June 6, 2015
Over the next few days all of the webpages will be updated with current information and photos. Be sure to check out our 
entries for the National Cheviot Sale in Springfield, IL. Thank you to all of our buyers in 2013 and 2014!

Sunny Slope Acres has exhibited the Overall Supreme Champion Ram or Ewe at SIX out of THIRTEEN shows in 2012, 2013, and 2014!
Also - Breeder of the Reserve Champion Ram at Ohio State Fair in 2013!
Maryland State Fair - 2013
Montgomery County Fair - 2013

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Misty Acres 1237 "Meeko" RR
DOB: September 23, 2012
Dam: Rinker Woods 1666 "Pure Gold" 
Sire: Eaton TJA 10047 "WindsoRR" 

North East Youth Show - 2012
Maryland State Fair - 2012
Great Frederick Fair - 2012
Howard County Fair - 2012

Reserve Ram Ohio State Fair - 2013
High Selling Cheviot Ram Ohio Showcase Sale

At Stud for Bob Hunter, OH 
and Ron Yochum, PA

Eaton TJA 11011 "Buddy"
DOB: January 27, 2011
Dam: Eldridge 106G05 
Sire: Eaton TJA 7021 "Super Freaky" 

Stevens 1204
DOB: February 22, 2012
Dam: Stevens 64 "Kissy"
Sire: Eaton TJA 11011 "Buddy"

Stevens 76 "Ruby"
DOB: March 3, 2011
Dam: Misty Acres 1081 "Megan" 
Sire: Woods 1620 "Hummer" 

Great Frederick Fair - 2012